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Our Activities

Since our participation in the DDPS training course, DDPS Community members collaborate in the virtual workspaces offered by GIZ. Since 2013, we network in the Virtual DDPS Alumni Community where we hold regular chat sessions every fortnight, facilitated by the DDPS Alumni Chat Facilitation Team. Until now, about 60 chat sessions have been successfully conducted (see an overview here). The topics, inspired by the alumni’s suggestions, are mostly related to diplomacy, peace and security issues in Africa. We also invite external experts to our virtual chats and collaborate with former trainers and resource persons.

Screenshot from the DDPS Alumni Community Shared Workspace on Global Campus 21.

These chat sessions contribute to the personal and professional exchange. They offer authentic information about tangible African issues, coming directly from the source and giving valuable background information that is otherwise very hard to obtain. Since the alumni come from all over sub-Saharan Africa, the chats allow a comparison between the countries in regards to topics like election monitoring, gender issues, traditional conflict management, decentralisation or the Ebola crisis. By discovering similarities, the alumni can exchange techniques and get motivated by good practice examples from their peers.

Alumni meetings are another activity that held the Community together. From 2008 and 2013 they were financed by GIZ, and the DDPS Alumni Community welcomes any future effort made by GIZ or other institutions to invite its members to further meetings.

Short term engagement as resource persons
Certain DDPS alumni have already been engaged as resource persons in courses at KAITPC or acted as virtual facilitators. The DDPS Alumni Community appreciates any approach of GIZ or other institutions to utilise its members and their knowledge for their purposes.

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